Ceremony & Reception

Join us at The Historic Bolling Haxall House on Saturday, October 23, 2021, to witness the couple's vow renewal. Then, enjoy refreshments, a plated luncheon, and dessert. 
The atmosphere, music, and decor will transport you in time to the 1920s, so dress to the nines in your finest semi-formal attire. Though, please remember you’re living in the 2020s; masks are expected and vaccination (if eligible) is requested.
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11:00 a.m.

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Social Hour

11:45 a.m.

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12:45 p.m.


Bolling haxall house mirror

The Historic Bolling Haxall House

Kate and Trevor grew up in the greater Richmond area, which provided for ample opportunities to learn. Kate explored her interest in the fine arts, while Trevor developed a wealth of knowledge in various subjects, such as history.
With their passions in mind, they chose The Historic Bolling Haxall House, located in the heart of downtown Richmond. The house is considered to be among the finest surviving mansions of its age. Its old-world charm is still present today. This mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register.

Wedding Party

Blair graham

Blair Graham

Kate and I met in 2011 during college orientation. As dorm neighbors with similar early schedules, we became partners in crime quickly! We explored campus and the surrounding city on the weekends; we jumped into piles of snow, frolicked in 'dahntown' fountains, jammed to live music, and ate at Tamarind often. Now, we have more reasons than "it's the weekend!" to celebrate. I am thrilled to stand with Kate and Trevor as they tie the knot!
Aemon broughear

Aemon Broughear

Trevor and I have been best friends for over a decade. We’ve done a lot of things together over the years–competed in board games, played video games, went to concerts, travelled on road trips. The fondest memory of them all? Introducing Trevor to Kate and seeing them hit it off spectacularly. Since then, they've never stopped being The Cutest Couple™, nor good friends and good people, together and as individuals. I'm incredibly happy to stand beside both, as they move forward in their lives.
Meredith newman

Meredith Newman

I was unsure of my travel plans for winter break; Kate, a classmate of mine, offered to drive me home. We didn't know each other well, so I was surprised that she was willing to go out of her way for me. (Spoiler: I later learned this is who Kate is, a kind and hospitable gal.) I prepared myself for a three-hour, silent car ride, but Kate and I bonded. We sang to 2000s hits, ate soft pretzels, and shared our life stories. Since then, we've been inseparable, having the same major, internship, graduating class, and full-time job. These experiences allowed me to get to know Kate as an intelligent, magnetic, and loyal friend. I can't wait to be her bridesmaid and see the loving life she and Trevor build.
Ben fauber

Ben Fauber

I met Trevor back in 2009 when I was a sophomore in college. We worked together on the front lines of retail, manning the registers amidst the chaos and bedlam. And as time went on, we developed a great friendship. After leaving the store, we still saw each other and talked regularly. Trevor introduced me to the world of tabletop gaming (though we have yet to finish a full campaign together). Even now, as he’s moved out of Richmond, I’m proud to call him one of my best friends, and I look forward to each and every time I get to see him. Last year, Trevor joined me as a groomsman at my wedding, and I am honored that I have the chance to return the favor.
Traz watts

Tras Watts

Kate and I met through absolute happenstance. Within minutes of meeting, we discovered a mutual fondness for the simpler things in life. A shared appreciation for puns, a habit for tangential conversations, and a love of baking forged a fantastic friendship between us! Some of my favorite activities together include trying new restaurants, critiquing old movies, thinking through ideas, and just talking about life. Time and again, Kate has proven to be a loyal, trustworthy friend and an overall phenomenal person; she’s always there, lending a listening ear and offering support. This compassion extends to all of her friends and family, but especially, to her sweetheart, Trevor. There is no doubt in my mind that Kate and Trevor will have a happy and loving marriage.
Joe becker

Joe Becker

When I moved to Richmond in 2013, I met Trevor; we both worked at the same store. Being one of a few employees that went to the front end when asked, I saw him a lot. Trevor always had a hilariously bad pun or random fact to share. After a long shift, we’d get drinks together and soon found that we had mutual interests in craft beer and other nerd things. Then, Trevor invited me to a game night, and we’ve been great friends ever since. Now, game nights often include our significant others. Trevor's fiancé, Kate, is a wonderful person, and Trevor's always in great spirits when they are together. I’m happy to see them get married, and I wish them nothing but the best in the next chapter of their life together.
Lucy yu

Lucy Yu

Kate and I became friends thanks to poor air quality...well, not literally. Our senior project covered the topic. We spent ample time with our team researching and brainstorming design interventions. After class, we often sprawled out on the carpet floor of Kate's apartment, distracting ourselves with games, pondering our design work, wondering about our futures–and really getting to know each other. I recognized and gravitated toward Kate's kindness, thoughtfulness, and warmth. I'm grateful for those cozy evenings senior year, and I cherish the friendship that grew from those interactions. I'm incredibly honoured to share such a joyous occasion with Kate and Trevor!
Grant wilkerson

Grant Wilkerson

I first met Trevor at Kroger, where he worked on the front end and I worked in the dairy department. Because the grocery was busy, he regularly asked for assistance. And I’d show up to help. But that isn’t the reason we became close. It was only after our mutual friend, Joe, got us together for a few beers that we truly bonded. After that, Trevor invited me over for drinks (winky face) and also games. Game night has since become tradition. One night, Trevor’s soon-to-be-wife, Kate, hosted. She introduced me to my now-wife, Rachel. I always look forward to spending time with everyone, but I especially look forward to playing board games with my forever friend, Trevor.
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Bill McGugan

The year was 2004: The Red Sox finally won a world series, and I met Kate for the first time. By virtue of our last names, we had the same homeroom at Midlothian Middle School. We became fast friends due to our mutual quirkiness. We went to separate high schools and colleges, and now we're separated by state lines. However, when we see each other, it is as though no time has passed, and we are those kids who were in homeroom so many years ago. Kate is the only person I can point to that I am friends with from high school, let alone middle school, and I am honored to be her bridesguy. Best wishes to the bride and groom!
Brian galyen

Brian Galyen

Years ago, at work, I met Trevor. His outgoing and adventurous personality drew me in. We always enjoyed passing the time by making jokes about anything and everything. There was one joke about three wishes and another about an elephant in a tree–both far too lengthy to recount. I always appreciate that, while we hang out, Trevor introduces me to new experiences and games, such as Exploding Kittens. Trevor is not only interested in introducing friends to jokes and games, he is also willing to try new things; most people wouldn’t attempt skateboarding for the first time at our age, but he did! All these qualities, and many more, are why we have grown close these nine years. I know, no matter what, Trevor is on my team and also by Kate's side!
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Christine Brown

My husband, Andy, introduced me to Trevor and Kate. The four of us quickly bonded over a love of board games and our incredibly compatible senses of humor. (I also knew we had met good people when our cat immediately liked them.) Andy and I were so happy to have friends who are a couple and even more thrilled to see that they are a true match: a pair so obviously respectful and compassionate to one another. I am excited to see where the future takes Trevor and Kate and know their partnership is a lasting one.
Andy brown

Andy Brown

Trevor and I met in 2014, while held captive by a retail corporation. We quickly formed a bond over mutual interests, shared values, and our significant others liking each other more than they liked us. Many nights of board games, when the four of us would get together, followed over the next several years. That's when I learned Kate and Trevor are natural complements. It is an honor to witness their union. I know they will be happy for many years to come.